International Kennel Union (IKU)

105005 Russia, Moscow, Radio st., 5/4, tel .: +7 499 250-99-49, +7 495-787-07-99,

e-mail: "___" ___________20_____


International Kennel Union, hereinafter referred to as IKU, represented by Vladimir Urazhevsky, acting on the basis of the Charter, on the one hand, and the representation of a public organization, on the other hand:

Full name of the organization ____________________________________________________________________


in the person (position) ___________________________________________________________________________

First Name Last Name ______________________________________________________________________________

passport series ______ number ______________ issued "____" _______________ by whom ____________________

Date of birth "____" ___________ 19 ___, place of birth ________________________________________

residing at______________________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________ tel: ____________________________________

address of the organization's office (index) _____________________________________________________________

___________________________________________________ tel: _____________________________________

on the other hand, have concluded this agreement as follows:

  1. The order of the organization's entry into IKU
IKU accepts only one cynological organization from each country. The organization should not be commercial and represent all breeds recognized by the IKU.

  1. Obligations of the acceding organization
  2. To comply with the IKU Statutes, maintain the internal pedigree documentation in accordance with the established form and present for inspection to the IKU Presidium once a year, observe the IKU tribal position and other normative documents, issue to their members a single-family pedigree, participate in events held by the IKU, notification of the timing of its conduct.
2.Organizovyvat one or several exhibitions of rank CACIB (IKU) per year.

  1. In its financial activity is guided by the current national legislation and the annex to this contract.
  2. Pay the entrance fee and membership fee when signing the contract.
Membership fee is paid annually, from the date of entry of the organization.

The entry fee is ________________ € EUR, membership fee ____________________ € EUR per year.

  1. IKU assumes the following duties:
- to assist in carrying out various, club, target and thematic events necessary for its functioning;

- on the organization of special courses and consultations on the rules of the IKU.

- Registration and entry into the IKU database of International experts.

  1. Term of the contract
The term of this agreement is 3 years with the further extension of the agreement for a period mutually agreed upon between the parties.

At the initial conclusion of the contract, for a period of three years, the Country is an associated member of IKU, with the further extension of the contract, the President of the joined organization becomes a full-fledged Vice President of IKU.

The contract can be terminated by one of the parties on condition of a written application, the membership fee and the entrance fee are not refunded.

  1. Disagreements on this contract are considered in accordance with the current legislation.
Decision of the Presidium on acceptance No. _____ of "___" ________. Membership fee and admission fee paid.

____________________________ ________________________________________________

President V.A. Urazhevsky Head: f.i.o. signa

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