International canine organization IKU established in 1990 at the moment, composed of thousands of clubs and nurseries around the world.

All members of our organization, responsibly approach to selection and maintenance of breeds with preservation of all characteristics of an exterior and breed behavior. That is why our dogs successfully perform at all international exhibitions in different countries. The work of the organization is based on the principles of democracy, love for animals and respect for their owners. For the successful operation of the standards of conduct tribal books, documents, and certificates for each country and the organization as a whole. We have a single system of branding dogs, registration clubs, nurseries and breeders. Around the world we are supported by the best feed companies and veterinarians.

Within the framework Of the international canine organization IKU, many international, national and monobreed exhibitions are held annually. Our experts are professionals with many years of experience.

We invite to cooperation, wanting to become members of a large and powerful canine organization!
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